A 300-HP Audi S3 For The Price Of A Corolla

This is one in all the simplest performance bargains offered without delay.

So, you have regarding $20,000 to pay on a replacement sedan. which will get you into a bran-new 2020 Toyota curl, that starts at $19,500. the bottom curl produces simply one39 HP from its 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine however a minimum of this tiny mill provides a combined thirty three mpg rating. you'll be able to boost up to a bigger a pair of.0-liter engine manufacturing 169 HP and an excellent higher thirty four mpg combined rating however it'll set you back $21,950.

But what if mpg wasn't your main priority and you needed one thing a touch faster? The sportier 2019 Mazda3 feels like a pleasant various for $21,895 however even this solely produces 186 HP from a a pair of.5-liter four-pot. luckily for speed freaks, we've found AN usually forgotten Audi model that's currently terribly reasonable because of depreciation - the Audi S3.
Why you ought to get One
The A3 is that the most cost-effective Audi model you'll be able to stock the US, steam-powered by a a pair of.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder manufacturing 184 to 228 HP. though this is often a lot of power than most thought compacts, we tend to ar a lot of curious about the performance S3 model, that sits between the A3 and therefore the hardcore RS3. do not let its diminutive size fool you, the S3 is a wonderful performance automobile that shares its drivetrain with the Volkswagen Golf R. not like a Golf R, the S3 bears the status of AN Audi badge, therefore your friends and family can suppose you paid a great deal a lot of for it than you truly did.
The Price
A bran-new 2019 S3 starts at $44,500 however you currently notice a second user one for fewer than [*fr1] the maximum amount. we tend to found many 2015 models (the 1st year offered within the US) for fewer than $20,000. several of those cars have fairly low miles (less than sixty five,000) for well beneath $25,000. the sole draw back to purchasing one at this worth is that Audi's four-year/50,000-mile warrant has already expired . If you wish to shop for AN S3 with an authorized pre-owned warrant, expect to pay a minimum of $27,000, that remains a good price.
The Performance

All S3 models ar steam-powered by a tuned version of the A3's a pair of.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder manufacturing 292 HP and 280 lb-ft of force. Like in most Audi performance models, power is shipped bent on Quattro all-wheel-drive through a six-speed dual-clutch DSG transmission. not like the Golf R, the S3 was ne'er oversubscribed within the US with a manual transmission. You doubtless will not miss the manual as a result of the S3's dual-clutch and launch management permit it to hit sixty mph in exactly four.7 seconds and complete the quarter-mile in thirteen.4 seconds at 102.4 mph.

The other huge advantage of getting the DSG is that the ability to tune the S3 to provide huge amounts of power. VW's manual transmissions cannot hold the maximum amount power because the DSG units while not having AN upgraded clutch. With simply a Stage I Gregorian calendar month tune ANd an intake, the S3 will turn out a walloping 383 HP. Even with the stock turbo on a Stage II tune, the S3 will frolic AN eleven.7-second quarter-mile time, creating this one in all the simplest reasonable drag cars cash should purchase.
The Exterior
Audi created certain to differentiate the S3 from its a lot of pedestrian A3 sib with a deeper grille, larger wheels, silver mirror caps, and many of 'S3' badges. whereas a Golf R simply appears like AN modest hatchback, your neighbors can envy the styling of this handsome government sedan. Most S3 examples ar painted in boring colours like black and silver however Audi did turn out a restricted run of Exclusive Edition cars with spirited colours.
The Practical Stuff
Even though it's a performance discount, the S3 does not skimp on usefulness. Trunk house may be a usable ten cubical feet and rear seat occupants ar treated to thirty five.1-inches of leg area. you will not get several six-foot passengers back there however smaller occupants are going to be simply fine. The S3 additionally will not kill you on potency with mpg ratings of 22-mpg within the town and twenty nine mpg on the road, although it'll need premium fuel.
There ar lots of extremely depreciated luxury performance cars on the used market however only a few provide the relative affordability and simple possession found with the Audi S3. for fewer than $30,000, you'll be able to currently get a warrantied S3 with low mileage, which might simply be tuned to outrageous levels of performance. The S3 will this all whereas carrying AN Audi badge ANd giving the driving force an elevated pride of possession as friends and neighbors covetously admire this used hidden gem, thinking it value a great deal over it really did.

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